Ron Venezuela 12 Y.O


The union of knowledge and mastery which have been gained over centuries have brought to life an authentic and well-balanced traditional rum, generous and smooth, emblematic of NAUD.

Ron panama spirits naud


The Naud Family’s rum journey continues in Venezuela. Here, they have joined forces with Destilería Sofa, an authentic Hacienda which shares their passion for the Art of Distillation and Ageing.
The sugar cane is cultivated on some of the most fertile lands in Venezuela, not far from Caracas and harvested from November to February. After fermentation, the sugar cane molasses, nick-named “Black Gold”, is distilled on columns. The hot and humid daytimes and the cool and dry nights provide an ideal climate for ageing rum in ex-Bourbon casks.
To perfect its aromatic pallet, NAUD RON VENEZUELA 12 Y.O. matures for around 6 months in French oak casks in the humid Naud Family cellars.



Amber with mahogany sparkles.

Delicate notes of patisserie caramel and muscovado sugar, light hints of coconut, cedarwood and oak which result from ageing in ex-Bourbon casks, in tropical conditions.

Silky and structured, evolves onto patisserie notes, roasted coffee beans and fig jam. The finish is persistent, boasting soft spice (cinnamon, nutmeg) and vanilla conveyed by the extra
ageing in French oak.

Alcohol content
41% Vol.

Dark & Stormy

– 40ml of NAUD Ron Venezuela 12 Y.O
– Ice cubes
– 1/2 lime (non-treated)
– 10ml of sugar sirop
– 20ml of lime juice
– 110ml of ginger beer

– – – – – – – – – –

Cut the lime in 4 and put the wedges in a highball glass. Crush them with a masher. Fill with some ice cubes and add the others ingredients. Stir well.