Ron Panama 15 Y.O

This Extra Old Rum is the result of the association of Panamanian and Charentais Master Distillers, united by Pierre Naud, around their shared passion for the Art of Distillation.

Ron panama spirits naud


Grown on the Peninsula de Azuero, the sugarcane matures in ideal tropical climatic conditions. Historically cultivated for the sugar industry, they also produce the syrup and cane juice (guarapo) which boasts perfect organoleptic characteristics for the elaboration of a RON of Great Origin.
The must is distilled in the traditional fashion, in copper columns of 20 trays, to obtain a distinguished, lavish and fruity spirit. After a long aging in American oak casks in its homeland, this RON PANAMÁ travelled across the Atlantic to come and perfect its finesse in the Charente region, inside our cool cognac cellars.


Deep mahogany.

A bunch of aromas characterized by notes of coconut, Tonka beans and vanilla sugar. The aromatic strength recalls the typicality of the sugarcane.

Generous and marked with sweet patisserie notes, licorice and cinnamon mixed with hints of wood and smoke carried by the Bourbon cask aging.

Alcohol content
41.3% Vol.

Old Ron fashionned

– 60 ml of Ron 15 ans Panama
– 1 sugar cube
– Sparkling water
– A few drops of bitters
– 1 orange zest (non-treated)

– – – – – – – – – –

Place in a glass the sugar, water and bitters. Stir until fully dissolved. Add the old rum and stir. Fill with ice and continue to stir. Garnish with the orange zest.